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  • one of the most popular general purpose relays: 10A relay (relé industrial, relé de propósito general, relé miniatura)
  • 20A relay is avilable on market right now!!
  • can replace the below relays:

             Omron relay: LY

             Zelio relay: RPM

             Magnecraft relay: 781/782/783/784

             Finder relay: 56

             Idec relay: RH

        ** more cross reference detail? please check this link. **

  •  mechianical latching relay by manual button
  • lockable test button by manual lever
  • wide choice of coil volts: 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • relay socket PTF-05, PTF-08A, PTF-14A for plug-in style relay
  • can be pcb relay (pcb mounted pins if choosing P type instead of S type)
  • UL listed: E115915  


  • 3 contact loads:

* 10 amp 28VDC, 10 amp 240VAC

* 20 amp 28VDC, 20 amp 277VAC (for 1C, 2C)

* 15 amp 120VAC, 12 amp 28VDC, 12 amp 277VAC (for 3C, 4C)

  • configuration (changeover): 

* 1C (5 pin/ SPDT)

* 2C (8 pin/ DPDT)

* 3C (11 pin/ 3PDT)

* 4C (14 pin/ 4PDT) 

  • terminal types: PCB mounted terminlal or plug-in style 
  • cover choice; plain cover (clear cover)
  • functions: LED indicator, flag indicator, manual button (test button)
  • volts range:
  • DC relay: 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V

    AC relay: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V

  • relay socket:

              * PTF-05 for BLY5-1C

              * PTF-08A for BLY5-2C

              * PTF-11A for BLY5-2C

              * PTF-14A for BLY5-4C 

 End Application: 

spec MY5 LY5
application control panel
sequence control
direct load switching
industrial automation controllers
Public Adress  video projector system
Surge Arrester
 **more info? you can refer to this link. **



  • BETA relay has been a relay manufacturer over 40 years (Relé BETA ha sido un fabricante relé de más de 40 años)

  • BETA relay has worked with world famous brand as their OEM/ ODM over 20 years. (Relé BETA ha trabajado con marca de fama mundial como su OEM / ODM más de 20 años)

  • Our insistence on quality and service has earned beta relay a good reputation among our users and clients.(Nuestra insistencia en la calidad y el servicio ha ganado relé beta de una buena reputación entre nuestros usuarios y clientes.)

  • We are specialized in industrial relay (BTA3, BTA2, BTA5, BTA7), general purpose relay (BLY5, BMY5, BTA6), miniature relay (BLY5BMY5).

    Estamos especializados en el relé industrial (BTA3,BTA2BTA5BTA7), relé de propósito general (BLY5BMY5BTA6), relé miniatura (BLY5BMY5).
  • See more about BETA relay, please click “ABOUT US”. (Ver más sobre relé BETA, por favor haga clic en "Sobre nosotros".)